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All the broken people

All the broken people where do they all come from???


Watching the news online is so very heartbreaking that I don’t do it very often. I prefer to live in my little bubble of bliss sometimes. Knowing how many people are struggling with life. The brokenness: of addiction, divorce, war, death. The things that touch people’s lives on a daily basis that creates hurt, mistrust, loneliness and dysfunction within our lives. It makes me realize the world is falling apart at a faster rate now than ever before.

I used to think that I was the only one that was truly broken but the drug addict life style is so  self- centered no wonder I never thought of anyone else pain – so blinded by my own tragedies throughout life.

I was given the opportunity by the grace of God to get clean and that is when I started to see how broken everyone was – addicts like me, hopeless with their own tragic life stories. It took some humility to realize that I was no worse or better than anyone person in the rooms of Narcotic’s Anonymous – we were all there for the same common theme – it didn’t matter what happened to us or what we used or how we used it – it was all about the feelings and how we all felt broken and needed help. At last I finally fit in and it was with a bunch of broken people trying to get well.

When I moved from Canada to Mexico and started to go to church,  I again got into the mindset that I do not belong with these good people –  If they knew who I was and what I had done they would never accept me.  However after I started to get to know them – again I realized that it’s a bunch of broken people trying to find their way by the grace of God.  They too had stories –all different but all the same common themes.

I have been truly blessed to find 2 groups of human’s that I can relate too on different levels but the common theme is we are all a bunch of broken people trying to get /be better with our lives.

I then start to think of how lonely, all the people,  that have not found the rooms of NA or the church and how desperate they feel and all they know is that they are broken and separated from the love of God and people. I remember those times and my heart calls out to do something for someone else today.  Maybe I will go find someone that is hungry and feed them or maybe they just need an encouraging word and a friendly smile to keep hope alive one more day until they can find the strength to surrender to God, the NA program or both.  A seed plated today can take root tomorrow or the next day.

Be the seed for someone today. I know I will.



Eleanor Rigby- Beatles – Look at all the lonely people

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