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About Me

After much thought, years of ideas I have decided to write a blog about my life. The ups and downs of a recovering addict searching for peace. Canadian woman living in Mx, living out a dream. I am passionate about scuba diving and any water-related activity.

After living in addiction for decades, now I have been freed from the obsession to use those drugs for many years. I am a big advocate for marijuana and CBD helping with pain management and avoid using pHarma related pain relievers.

Thanks to the recovery program of N.A and God I no longer drag around bags of garbage through my life.

I am pretty sure that most of what I carry today is now a standard size carry on bag!

This blog will be about my journey towards forgiveness of self and to others. Some of it will be dark, a place without color and light; however, the result will be peace and joy. Share the beauty and the pain of being human.

Blessings on your beautiful journey

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