Be kind we are all broken

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It is so important to be kind. We have no idea what another person is going through.

As a result, of all the heartbreaking stories on TV, I no longer watch the news. The brokenness: of addiction, divorce, war, death and now a pandemic. The things that touch people’s lives daily that creates hurt, mistrust, loneliness, and dysfunction within our lives. I realize the world is falling apart at a faster rate now than ever before.

Blinded, by the self-centered life I had been living; as a drug addict; Never thinking about anyone else’s pain, only my tragedies. By the grace of God, I was given the opportunity to get clean.

Humility was the key for me to see that I was no better or worse than any one person in the rooms of Narcotics Anonymous. We were all there for the same common theme. It was the fact that we were all broken and it didn’t matter how we got that way. We all had tragic stories of brokenness. At last, I finally fit in, and it was with a bunch of broken people trying to get well. In this room we learned to be kind.

Eventually, I got well enough to make some dramatic changes in my life and I moved to Mexico from Canada. I found a little church to find community and that old mindset of ” I don’t belong” came back to haunt me. If they knew what I had done and how I lived my life, the people in the church would never accept me. I was wrong. I realized again we were all broken in some way and they were trying to find their way by the grace of God. All different but all the same.

I am truly blessed to find two groups of human’s that I can relate too on different levels, but the common theme is we are all a bunch of broken people trying to get better with our lives.
So many lonely, desperate people that are not part of any community to help them. I found hope first in the village of Narcotics Anonymous and then through the church.

I remember those times, and my heart calls out to do something for someone else today. Maybe I will find someone that is hungry and feed them, or perhaps they need an encouraging word and a friendly smile to keep hope alive one more day until they can find the strength to surrender.

A seed planted today can take root tomorrow or the next day.

Be the seed for someone today. I know I will

Blessing scubagirl65

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