Day 3 After Odile

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Sept 17

Didn’t sleep again, the place is so un-secure, that it’s hard to rest. Woke up and began cleaning again. I think what’s the point? Another storm is coming and my home will be flooded again.

No communication is the worst. We don’t know if anyone is okay. The only way is through word of mouth and it’s all really bleak with not much hope given. No food, water is limited and if help comes, we need to get to the drop places for food and water, but with no gasoline. How do I get there?

I am sick of trying to clean, with no water. Haven’t showered in a few days, but we are trying to remain hopeful that we will see the military soon. Why hasn’t help come yet?

My old roommate came over; she lives over in the next community. We talked about going to her friend’s house and siphoning gas from her bike that we could use.

I packed a bug-out bag with a few pictures, money, and papers and decided I would carry it everywhere. We locked our water in the only locking door and we ventured out. I had over 1/4 tank of gas in my 4-wheel drive….not much…I had to conserve.

We left the safety of the community and it shocked me every time we left…. the decimation of my beautiful Cabo is in ruins. Cabo; in the last 3 years has become my home and I have such a connection with the people that live here. Gringo and Mexican alike.

We drive 10 minutes away from town towards San Jose and the downed cell towers, palms, and power lines are everywhere too. We are carrying weapons. I have a screwdriver, and knives…… is all I have to say…..

Now I have told you we had some good laughs along the way….siphoning gas is a real treat and I remember from my farm days how gross it is………we were all gagging and laughing and finally my friend got it to drain…….. great we have 2 gallons, not much but not nothing either. We couldn’t get gas from the other 3 cars. We hit someone already got to them and they were parked in my driveway. This place had a relatively clean pool. I got in and washed my hair….still gross, but better than before.

We just tried the phone, and we got a dial tone! Yippee, I wonder if we can call international?

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