On Our Way

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On our way

I promised my roommate that I would not leave her sister and kids behind. She was out of town at the time of the hurricane. We went to search for Jenna and the kids. We found them without incident and I told her and her husband that if I did not get her out of dodge, her sister would tan me alive! Jenna’s husband, Dilan, offered me a warm Mexican beer, and it was good. We then went back home.

We slept little if at all, that last night in Cabo. We kept going to the balcony and watched the residents armed with flashlights walk around the complex to keep us protected from the “ Banditos” that were apparently coming to the gringo neighborhoods to loot, pillage, and burn.

That night, we had a hot meal. Our pastor and his wife cooked their meat that was going to go bad, so we had spicy chicken and tortillas. I don’t remember eating much for the 5 days or even drinking much water. There were no cold drinks to be had, and I really wanted a cold drink. I guess many people had a generator (smart move) and they ran their fridge, so things stayed fresh and cold. But I didn’t know anyone that had a generator–things felt pretty bleak!

We were ready to leave at 4 am as we did not know what to expect at the airport. We had heard through word of mouth that we would not get through, that the army was there and they were only allowing tourists to leave. We half expected we would have to walk through the desert in the hot, scorching sun to get to the airport.

We went to a friend’s house that had a full tank of gas. They are going to drive us to the airport. There were 4 of us in total. I gave my keys to the truck and the one-locked door in my house that housed the precious gallons of water to the pastor of our church, advising him to use what he needed to use and take what he needed to take.

I am tired, and exhausted.

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