The Last Night in Cabo After Odile

Phone Calls

My friend first…… Then me…….my sister picked up! I have never been so happy to hear her voice! My voice trembled … oh dear, I didn’t want to cry….. I haven’t cried yet.

I needed to stay strong. There was work to do. Her voice broke down and that was it. I lost it! I felt so stressed, tired, and weary. As soon as possible, I would contact her again, I promised.

We each took a turn on the phone, while the others just gave us privacy.


After their phone calls with family, they both wanted to flee Cabo, and I really felt I should stay……my truck, my everything is here, how can I walk away? They continued to talk to me. I agreed, but I still really felt uneasy. I called my sister back and told her we would try to get out.

We stopped to check on friends and they said they had a full tank of gas and would drive us to the airport. Wow, we just scored big time, they told us to come anytime……

We returned to my place, and we secured everything we could in the one room that seemed the safest, and I put my computer in the truck. We would move our most valuable over to the condo. It seemed really secure. We returned home to pack a bag.


The airlines would just board us if we packed light. We heard the airport was not allowing any traffic in and the army was only letting out tourists that were in hotels on a list …….we didn’t care. I am Canadian and I’m going home!!

As I was packing my bag, my friend came running up yelling “we have to go now”, come to my house, it’s more secure. She just heard from a lady that the bandits are coming into gringo neighborhoods, looting, and then setting the houses on fire! The stakes just went up! With my heart racing, I packed a backpack and took one last look at my home, and thought, am I ever going to see you again? Our stress level was so intense, but we tried to find humor!

Follow The Leader

We also found out who the leader is and who the followers are in a disaster. I am defiantly not a leader and I think I would surely die if there was a zombie apocalypse. After watching many episodes of The Walking Dead, I thought I had learned a few things but apparently not–maybe if I had stayed here I might have gotten tougher but I don’t need to prove I am tough today like I always felt I had to years ago–I am a big ole softy and not tough at all however that is a whole different article!

That night I was in turmoil about whether I should leave for Canada or stay where I had made my home. I did not sleep again even though I felt safe that night staying in a condo where the door was shut and locked. In the quiet moments of talking to God that night, I heard his voice that said “Trust Me”

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